As the first to market solution-dyed nylon, Universal Fibers are experts at producing uniquely colorful and high quality solution-dyed synthetic fibers for the flooring, transportation, industrial and performance textile industries, and have been for more than 30 years.

Universal Fiber’s expertise and technology has made it a leader in supplying solution -dyed fibers. Solution-dyed fibers are becoming increasing preferred from an environmental standpoint and Universal Fibers is leading the industry in sustainability with its”Eath Smart” technology.

In order to meet the increasing demand for solution dyed fibers in China and Asia, Universal Fibers opened a factory in Taicang in 2008. This facility now provides products for the domestic market in china and all of Asia including Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, for more information please visit our website at

We would like to welcome you to become a member of the UFS team. We provide competitive compensation and benefits as well as developing your personal career through our corporate growth.


环球化纤的专业技术使它成为供应熔液染色纤维的领导者,从环保的角度,熔液染色纤维已逐步成为首选,拥有可持续发展的”Earth Smart 技术使得环球化纤成为熔液染色行业的引领者。